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Namaskar.  Welcome to Indian Discovery, your home for India tourism.

The name India (pronounced as  /ˈɪndiə/) is derived from the word Indus, which is further derived from the Old Persian word Hindu. The ancient Greeks referred to the Indians as Indoi, the people of the Indus.

India is the land of diverse cultures that fill you with contentment, beautiful places with bewitching charm that enthral you and the magical sights that hypnotize your soul.

Whether you travel to the mystical land of Goa or hit the Himachal tours, you will find yourself mesmerized and delighted with the versatility of the land of India.

Like all the tourists who travel India with the desire to explore something really wonderful and fill their minds with complete gratification, you’ll find yourself getting enchanted by its magnificence.

Indian Discovery brings you impeccable and fantastic India tourism packages at the best rates available anywhere in the market. Not to mention the immaculate high-quality service and flawless support you will get with your packages that will make your tour to India a beautiful life-time memory.

We invite you to explore Indian Discovery and learn more about making your India tourism a beautiful experience.

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