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Nicobar Islands

Lying south of the Andaman Islands, Nicobar Islands are the smaller part of the Andaman and Nicobar Union Territory. These islands are approximately 189 Km off the coast of Indonesian island of Sumatra. There are approximately 22 islands in Nicobar group. These small islets are divided into three group, northern group, central group and southern group. Northern group has 2 islands, The central group has 9 islets and the southern group consists of 11 islets. The Nicobar islands are a wonder of nature that holds in their hearts many mysteries and awe inspiring splendors.

The islands are thought to have been inhabited nearly thousand years ago. Today, total population of Nicobar islands is nearly 42,000 which mostly comprises of indigenous tribes. The biggest disheartening factor about Nicobar islands is that Non Indians are not allowed to visit these islands. And for those allowed, a special permit is required from the government.

Car Nicobar
Covering an area of nearly 127 sq. km, Car Nicobar is the northernmost island of Nicobar group. Car Nicobar is among the most splendid island of all that are there in the group. Most of the area covered by the island is under heavy forest. One could see rare bird species inside the bushes. Another thing that is common to Car Nicobar island is the Nicobari huts. These huts are made at a height and have entrance through their floors. The marine life in the lagoons of Car nicoabr is among the most diverse in the entire Union territory.

Earlier known as Tihnyu, Katchal is nearly 305 km from the capital island of Port Blair. Katchal is considered in the central group of Nicobar Islands. The population in Katchal consists of both indigenous and non-indigenous people. Since Katchal is located on the old international trade route, it was visited by many voyagers and traders from around the world. They all brought with them different cultures that became a part of this island. You can still find these outside influences in the culture of people residing here.

Trinket Island covers an approximate land area of 29 sq. km. The island is part of the Nicobar Islands chain, located east of Kamorta island. As of 2001, the Indian census there are 436 people living on Trinket in four villages called Trinket, Safebalu, Tapiang and Hockcook.

Great Nicobar
Great Nicobar island is the largest island in the cluster of Nicobar Island. It is here that Indira Point, the southernmost point of India lies. Covering a huge area of nearly 1045 sq Km, Great Nicobar is sparsely inhabited with most of the area covered under thick rainforest and wildlife. The forest area is recognized as a biosphere reserve called The Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve. It is home to some rare and exclusive species of plants and animals.


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