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    Backwaters are an amazing phenomenon of Kerala - a necklace of lagoons lakes, canals and rivers that run through the length of this beautiful land. In fact much of Kerala's uniqueness lies in its backwaters - found nowhere else in the world.

    Visit to the backwater destinations of Kumarakom, Kollam and Kozhikode can be a most rewarding experience. The lagoons at these destinations with their spectacular view and fringed by coconut trees have been featured in travel books all over the world. No journey to the backwaters is complete without a stay on board a "Kettuvallam" or a houseboat which takes you on a journey through the length and breadth of the lagoons and waterways!

    The backwaters of Kerala meandering inland lakes networked with canals stretch to over 1900 km.
Boat trips
across these tranquil stretches are an experience unique to Kerala. One of the most memorable experience for the tourist visiting Kerala is the opportunity to enjoy the backwaters of Kerala on a house boat (Kettuvallam).

    A unique web of lakes, lagoons, canals and rivers - are an integral part of Kerala's Tourism Scenario. A Journey through the curving and winding backwaters in houseboats (Kettuvallom) of Kerala is an experience of returning to nature. Now-a-days backwater tourism is something special to Kerala. And Houseboats (Kettuvallom) go a long way in actualizing the many backwater oriented tourism possibilities. Houseboat (Kettuvallom) holidays have become popular in the backwaters of Kerala and provide an extremely soothing experience.

    Coco Houseboats, Alleppey (Alappuzha) offers the opportunity of a life time to view the scenic beauty of Kerala by traversing the backwaters. Coco Houseboats, Alleppey (Alappuzha) have one, two, three cabins & family cabins including a sit out, sundeck, bedroom and private bath. Interior is fully covered by wooden panels.

Kerala Ayurveda :
Kerala ayurveda offers two kinds of ayurvedic health options: re creative and therapeutic. These ayurveda packages are based on the time-tested, ancient Indian ayurvedic system of medicine. The Kerala special ayurvedic treatments include ayurveda ahyangam, ayurveda shirodhara, ayurveda shirovasti, ayurveda pizhichil, ayurveda kizhi, ayurveda navarakkizhi, ayurveda udwartanam, and ayurveda panchakarma etc. We are the advisor in Kerala of ayurvedic treatment. We have expert ayurvedic doctors who are available for consultation including online for proper guidance in matters of medication, ayurveda treatments and diet counseling.

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