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General Information

Location: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 670m
Places Of Interest: Vyas Cave, Swarghat, Bhakra Dam, Nanina Devi
Best Time To Visit: July To September

The New Town : The ultimate effects of the colossal construction were to generate many thousands KW of electric energy, which combined with a canalization of the waters has extended irrigation over ten million acres, to help in feeding the teeming millions. The Gobindsagar reservoir behind the dam is 80-km long on whose banks has sprung the new township of Bilaspur. Two big generating stations have been built just below the Bhakra Dam, each with a capacity of 600 millions watts.

Deoli: Asia's biggest mirror carp hatchery is situated here, at a distance of 13-km from the town.

Markand: Himachal has always been the favourite stamping grounds of the ancient Rishis or Sage. Here they performed penances and sought cures for mankind in their orisons or prayers. Markand is 25-km from Bilaspur, is where Maharishi Markand performed the strictest austerities on his body to delve into the secrets unknown to man. A dip in the sacred waters over here is a sure cure, it is believed, for infant diseases and sterility. There is also a famous shrine about 20-km from Bilaspur, in tehsil Sadar named after renowned Rishi Markandeya, who lived and worshiped there. According to a legend, a tunnel connected Markand and Vyas cave and the two rishis, Vyas and Markand used to visit each other through this sub-terrain path. In addition to a shrine there is also a water spring of ancient fame where a night fair is held annually on Baisakhi day.

Vyas Cave: The name of sage Vyas is well known in this part. Situated at the foot of the new township, the belief is that Vyas Rishi meditated in this cave. The origin of the town, Vyaspur is believed to have been derived from this cave. Lying on the left bank of river Satluj, this place is famous as a pilgrimage too.

Swarghat: Swarghat is ideally situated about 40-km.off Bilaspur on the Bilaspur-Chandigarh road. Perched at an elevation of about 1,220m from sea level, Naina Devi temple and Bhakra Dam, are also approachable from here. There is also a temple dedicated to Lakshmi Narayan.

The Nalwari or Annual cattle fair is held at Bilaspur for four or five days in March / April months, the occasion is marked by wrestling and other amusements. Cattle are brought from Nalagarh and neighboring parts of Punjab to sell over here.


Air: Chandigarh and Bhuntar are the nearest airports, located at 135-km and 131-km from Bilaspur.

Rail: The nearest broad gauge railway station is at Kiratpur Sahib and nearest narrow gauge railway station is at Shimla, which are connected by regular bus services.

Road: Bilaspur is approachable by road from Shimla and Chandigarh.


Accommodation options in and around Bilaspur vary from luxurious hotels such as HTPDC's Hotel at Swarghat to reasonable budget hotels.

Situated in the hot temperature zone the climate of Bilaspur ranges from high temperature to sub tropical and snow rarely falls over here.


Deoli : 13-km
Markand : 25-km
Bahadurpur : 40-km
Sarium : 58-km
Tiun : 55-km
Swarghat : 40-km
Nangal : 13-km
Chandigarh : 135-km
Bhuntar: 131-km