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Facts at a Glance

State :
Himachal Pradesh

Temperature :

8°C - 25°C (Summers) 0°C - 11°C (Winters)

Altitude :

1720 mts

Best Season :

Mid-March - mid-April; mid-September - mid-November. May and June could be hot months in this area and December-January are unbearably cold.

A small village. So small that one can walk the two ends in half an hour. Well-kept streets, simple houses and smiling local people. Welcome to Kasol, set in the centre of one of the most attractive states of India - Himachal Pradesh.

Most of the tourist traffic rushes past, oblivious to the presence of this absolutely marvelous village. Manikaran, 5 kms away is the next major spot. It has hot water springs and a highly revered Gurdwara of the Sikh pantheon.

On first sight, anyone would simply traverse through Kasol. It is only after some time is invested in exploring it, that one realizes how beautiful and picture perfect it is. The population here is balanced equally between local Himachalis and foreign settlers. If one questions the presence of blonde toddlers on the village streets mingling with their Indian buddies, the story of old time angrezi (foreigner) settlers will be narrated.

When in Kasol, opt for the forests of Pines that border the village. The camping site is right next to the river and another is located higher up through a maze of rhododendrons. Needless to say, the river is icy cold but not enough of a restriction to wandering horses that pass through each morning, sounding their approach through the woods.

Cooking in the wild is always enjoyable but if the palate is hungry for pampering, then options of pancakes and apple-pies are easily available from the German Bakery in the village. And of course, the Indian Dhaba cuisine is unbeatable - nothing beats the stuffed aloo paratha (potato baked within flat bread) and hot chai (tea) with the mist drifting past, literally sniffing in the delicious aromas.

You can indulge in walking. Journey down the forest, climb the hills, chase off to Manikaran on the trekkers track - through streams and rocky paths, wide enough to take only one foot at a time. Just remember to step aside courteously, as large herds of sheep file past, casting secretive looks towards all those who don't look like them!

It would be an understatement to say that time comes to a standstill. Spend a week or a lifetime and go back craving for more. Kasol is not just an ordinary village. It’s not just another getaway from the heat zones. It’s an experience and the sole way to enjoy is to experience it!


Kasol is a pleasant place to be in for a vacation. Though the place itself is an attraction, you may stroll about amidst its beautiful orchards. Or discover the fresh green of the terraced rice cultivation. If you have the license, you can spend cool lazy afternoons fishing for trout. An angler’s paradise, Kasol is an open space by the banks of the Parvati river. Clean white sands and green grass is what makes it look a dainty beautiful place. All you need is a license and hours can be spent lolling by the side of the stream, trying to hook a catch.

Quick Getaways

You can travel to Manikaran, 45 kms away from Kasol, which is famous for its hot sulphur springs. There are separate baths for men and women. Another quick getaway is Chhalal, a quiet, pretty village that is at a distance of only a 20-minute from Kasol.

Getting There & Away

By Air : The nearest airport is at Bhuntar, 30 kms away.
By Road : You can reach Kasol by road via Kullu, is 42 kms away. There are a number of taxis as well as local buses that ply daily from Kullu.