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Monuments Of India

India has some of the most beautiful and evocative monuments in the world.
These monuments of India owe their execution to the imagination of men who dared to extend their ideas to the farthest limits of human thought. As kings and emperors, they were able to translate their ideas into bricks, mortar, marble and stone. These monuments of India range through a span of centuries and the major philosophies of the world. From the pinnacle of architecture - Taj Mahal to the timeless erotic temples of Khajuraho, from the exquisite and mega-sized temples of South India to the heavenly peaceful monuments of Ladakh , India perhaps has the most versatile architectural styles showcased in its monuments.
Monuments of India are not just stone and brick structures, but they are the living examples through the walls of which we can go back to thousands of years and explore the history of India . These monuments of India have not only withstand the ravages of time and onslaught of attacking enemies, they have gradually improved upon and added many features of the cultures that took shelter in India . Exploring these Indian monuments is like living a life, even though for a short period, that is all but lost.
Many of the great monuments of India had lost in the process of subversion and dependence through India remained for around 300 years from 17th century onwards. With the growth of a strong middle class, new wave for national awakening, and interactions with a world outside the geographical confines of India in the 19th and 20th century helped many Indians to look deep in their past. This awakening helped them taking back from the ruins the symbols from a golden age of India . Many Europeans for that matter also explored and brought back from the rubbles, the lost civilizations, ruined monuments, and lost cultures.

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