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Only in India

India is simply impossible !!
That's a line we've heard over and over again from first-time visitors, as well as seasoned Indophiles. And we're gonna keep hearing it too... 

It's a land of startling contrasts and one where more than 2,000 languages and dialects are spoken by a billion people . Many gestures of Indians prove them to be the most civilized people on earth, while some habits seem to be most primitive. Technological advancements and age-old practices go hand in hand. Hi-tech cars and bullock carts ply together...

We spoke about the Contrasting Realities of Mumbai in the Diverse Unity page. Here are some more:

Women's lib
A land where women have traditionally remained confined to the kitchen.
A land that has churned out the highest number of Miss Worlds in recent years.
The Sound of Music
Langas and Manganiars, the traditional court singers of Western Rajasthan, sing devotional folk songs of Hindu deities such as Lord Krishna. Unfailingly, they all are Muslims.
Highest number of illiterates in the world.
Highest number of software professionals in the world.
The magic Wallah
A rich language Hindi is. A highly practical one too. To address a vendor, just suffix wallah to his job - milk wallah, chai wallah, rickshaw wallah, etc. Simple, isn't it?! Most Parsi surnames are just that - Daruwala (Daru means liquour), Screwvala (ah well...)
Bar Coding
The dhobi (washerman) picks up the laundry from dozens of hotel rooms. Along with others of his ilk, he washes and irons the clothes at the same dhobi-ghat (place to wash clothes en masse). Next morning the clothes are delivered back without EVER being mixed up - thanks to the unique marking system used by the illiterate dhobis.
Real Politik
Longest serving democratically elected government in the world ( 22 years at a stretch in the state of West Bengal). The record of shortest ones too in India (13 days, 7days, and even 3 days). 
94% marriages are arranged ones.
Rarely do the bride and groom know each other before the engagement. Many times they have never seen each other before the wedding day.

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