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Mount Abu

Mount Abu is on a hilly plateau about 22 km long and six km wide. Situated at the southern tip of the Aravalli range, the hill retreat owes its cool climate to its rich flora covering the entire hillside that includes coniferous trees and flowering shrubs.

The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is more than a summer retreat. Its stunning array of Dilwana Jain temples, dating back to 11th-13th centuries, make it a popular pilgrimage centre.

Mount Abu has been home to many sages and saints. Most famous of them was Sage Vashistha who is believed to have created four agnikula Rajput clans from a fire pit by performing a ?yagna? or fire sacrifice, to protect the earth from the demons

Places of Interest

Gaumukh Temple
A natural spring flowing through a sculpted cow?s head gives the shrine its name. The famous ?yagna? of Sage Vashistha was performed here.

Nakki Lake
A tiny lake, picturesquely set amidst hills. Set in the heart of the town, the lake gets its name from the legend that it was scooped out by gods with their finger nails of Nakh. It is the only artificial lake in India that is 1200 mts. Above sea level.

Dilwara Jain Temples
These Jain temples are Mt. Abu?s main attraction and amongst the finest examples of Jain architecture in India. The complex includes two temple in which the art of carving marble reached unsurpassed heights.

The Vimal Vasahi temple is the oldest of the temple. It was built in 1031 AC and dedicated to first Tirthankar, Adinath. The central shrine has an image of Adinath. Forty eight elegantly carved pillars form the entrace to the courtyard. In front of the temple stands the House of elephants with figures of elephants marching in procession to the temple entrance.

The Lun Vasahi temple, dedicated to the 22nd tirthankara ? Neminath was built in 1231 A.D. by two brothers Vastupal and Tejpal who were ministers of the ruler of Gujarat.  It is notable for its fantastic intricay and delicacy of the marble carving.

The other temples in the complex are pale besides the Vimal Visahi and the Lun Vasahi temple.

Adhar devi temple, which is chiselled out of a huge rock reached by a going up 360 stairs. The temple is situated 3 kms out of the town.

By Air 
Nearest airport is Udaipur (185 kms).

By Train
Abu road (29 kms) is the nearest rail head.

By Road 
185 kms from Udaipur, 221 kms from Ahmedabad & 264 kms from Jodhpur.

Mount Abu
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