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      In today's fast moving, busy and mechanical life an individual needs to give rest and peace not only to his body but also to the mind and this is known as 'Spiritualism' or 'Meditation'.

      India is known as the seat of spiritualism and religion since the ancient times. India is the birthplace of many religions and spiritual leaders.

      Since ancient past India has had an unbroken tradition of being the fountainhead of spiritual knowledge in the world. Great seers, masters and incarnations have been born here to spread the true knowledge from time to time. The Sanskrit word "Bodh" literally means knowledge. Buddha thus means "The one who has attained all knowledge". The cessation of conflicts at both the internal the external levels is possible only when one is armed with the right knowledge. Once the conflicts recede, peace blooms and one attains bliss.

      Since time immemorial, India has been known for its spirituality, religious tolerance and its secular character. India is called the "yogabhoomi" and the gateway to the heavens. Innumerable saints and seers, in their quest for knowledge, have contributed largely to the development of various religious monuments viz. Temples, Mosques, Monasteries etc. built lavishly across the length and breadth of the country. For this very reason, India is also known as the of temple country. The architectural exuberance is expressed in its places of worship, which form an integral part of its cultural diversity. In the olden times, kings of various dynasties used to worship a particular deity, and thus it was a common practice to build huge temples, which are in themselves, architectural marvels. India is famous for its places of worship. The cosmopolitan flavor of its religions is well reflected in its multitude of holy shrines.

      So whenever you feel is the time to refresh and cleanse your body, mind and soul opt for a spiritual tour of India. India the land of the holy sages and spiritual gurus will ensure that you are reminded of your original roots and live in this World to make it a better place. Regardless of the spiritual tour that you would like to take the essence of all of the tours is the same - to love and to live in peace. So experience your body relaxing, you mind unwinding and your soul being blessed with the spiritual tours of India.

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