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Tea Tour In India

The Tea Board of India coordinated a wonderful program for the Specialty Tea Institute’s Annual Tea Tour, that echoed a once in a lifetime experience shared by the participants. This two week journey centralized in Northern India, focused on the Darjeeling region and gave us a glimpse of what Assam had to offer.

The delegation was able to really sink their “tea” into the heartlands of Darjeeling. Along with the opportunity to visit some of the most renowned Tea Estates, we had the pleasure of interacting with the Estate residents, factory workers, and of course…. the management delighted us with a first-hand, freshly steeped taste of their delicious teas. In addition to visiting these Tea Estates and meeting with various Tea Affiliates, this voyage exposed us to the warmth, spirituality and realistic existence that India radiates so openly. It was special!

Phaskowa Tea Estate stretches 650 acres from Buxa Tiger Reserve to River Rydak. The unique experience of the wildlife sanctuaries, Sub-Himalayan treks, acres of tea plantations and your stay at the old colonial Raj era Bungalow will be the memories to cherish lifetime Plantation was started by the British tea company, Duncan Brothers in 1897 as an out division of Newlands Tea Estate. Phaskowa Tea Estate was passed into the hands of the Chamarias, the present owners in 1967.

Darjeeling is the jewel in West Bengal's crown. Facing the mighty Himalayas and surrounded by coniferous-covered hills, Darjeeling is perched at a height of 2,134 metres (7,000 feet) in the shadow of the world's third-highest peak, Kanchenjunga.

A maze of steps and terraces, studded with exotic little bazaars, villas, forests and gardens, the town stands in the middle of the evergreen gardens that produce the world-famous Darjeeling tea."

Of all the tea growing districts in India, one of the world's most famous teas originates from Darjeeling.

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