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       The natural wealth of the Indian subcontinent has remained unique, mysterious and fascinating for nature lovers. Variety of India's wildlife can be seen in the 80 national parks, 441 sanctuaries and 23 tiger reserves established by the Government of India in an attempt to conserve this vital resource.

       If you are wildlife enthusiast and want to see wild animals in their natural habitat then India is a perfect place for you. Spot a striped predator amidst the tall grass or the wetlands, seeing herds of wild elephants and deer in their natural habitat, or watching a peacock dance in all its splendor. What makes the experience even more enthralling is that most Indian sanctuaries can be explored on elephant back as well as by jeeps.

       Wildlife tour is incomplete if you don't actually live in a forest for a few days. Imagine living in a rest house or a tent in the midst of dense wilderness, and waking up to the twittering of birds, or maybe the roar of a lion! Day trips alone are certainly not enough to show you the true majesty of the wild, so why not try this too? Travel to a lush tropical jungle and watch the Tigers and Elephants in the wilderness. Hear the sound of a Panther snarling in the jungle, feel the earth rumble as a Rhino charges past, and marvel at the graceful sight of Cranes and Flamingoes in flight around their nesting grounds in the wildlife sanctuaries in India. India has 80 National Parks and 441 wildlife sanctuaries.

       When you travel to India you can see a large number of tigers, elephants and rhinos in the wild. Other exotic animals that you will see are leopards, snow leopards, the red panda, sloth bears, nilgai, gharial, and many species of deer, monkeys and birds. Whether it's the animals, birds, butterflies or the unique vegetation of the sanctuaries of India, you're sure to see unforgettable sights on your journey with Indian Discovery.

       The motley coterie of wild life in this charming land of India will certainly fire a fantasy of encountering these wild mammals in the dense forests. So get ready for a date Indian Discovery. Indian Discovery is full of excitement and moments of rhapsody a trip of immense pleasure, a fond recollection that will be preserved forever in ones ever-lasting memories. Today, most of India's wildlife finds cloister in over 200 sanctuaries and parks around the country. . . Wildlife in India is a fabulous treat for the eyes, the legion of the wild beckons every wild life lover in this country. Indian Discovery tours are not just mere an exhilarating rendezvous with the majestic beast but it also have an intense gravity indicating and justifying the need to preserve the whole of wildlife species.

       The Indian promontory has imbibed an extensive continent in itself, whose territorial diversity has galvanized the booming of an entire sweep of wildlife with over 350 species of mammals and 1200 species of birds in the country. Each Indian wildlife region has something distinct to offer- there are great diversities of wildlife living in their natural habitats.


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